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Construction Management      

We view our role as your advocate – We are here to ensure the projects is designed and constructed within your budget and that you receive the level of quality you expect. Our construction management philosophy focus on developing and interactive, inclusive working relationship among the client, the design firs and FOCAL CONTRACTING SDN BHD construction team.We begin the management process immediately upon award and remain your partner until the project is complete, the building is fully operational ,and all of the members of the team are satisfied.

We provide construction management services in two phases: pre-construction and construction. Meaningful pre-construction services bring value, potential cost savings, and informed decision-making to the client while eliminating surprises to provide you with a predictable outcome. We take the value analysis process very seriously, thinking outside the box to achieve your goals with your budget and project needs in mind.

We firmly believe that early involvement of the construction team benefits every aspect of the project. During the pre-construction phase, we provide planning and scheduling, estimating, value engineering and construct ability reviews, purchase of long-lead items, budget development and monitoring, and pre-qualification of subcontractors. During the construction phase, we buy all required material, subcontractor services, build your facility, and ensure that your facility is fully operational.

Key to FOCAL CONTRACTING SDN BHD Construction’s ability to successfully deliver projects through the construction management module is the continuity of the team from the pre-construction phase through the construction phase. Their early involvement, their understanding of the project design, and their plan for construction implementation all enable the project to transition efficiently into the construction phase, ensuring the completion date is achieved. During the construction phase, our focus shifts to continuously monitor manpower, quality, schedule, and project costs to fully implement the intent of the design.

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