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Interior Design Works

  • 3D Drawings - Perspective Views
  • Latout Plans - Reflected Ceiling Plan
  • Elevation Drawings
  • M&E Layouts
  • Materials Detailed Specificationaking
  • Breaking down the estimates by system or program area
  • Using forethought to present options that do not limit future plans

Sope of Interior Design Services:

  • Figuring out the space allocation needs and how to effectively use the space for a specific function
  • Formulating design concepts those are functional, fiscally appropriate and aesthetically pleasing
  • Creating plans and 3D drawings for the concept design and make necessary changes as per client's requirements
  • Consult with the client to figure out the clients needs and assist with preparing the project budget.
  • Assist in materials selection, finishes and furnishings analysis, recommendations and specification
  • Produce construction drawings, layout and necessary revisions according to the clients requirements
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